Charnwood Marathon – Anna Finn reports

We hear from the indefatigable Anna Finn, who has gone back to her natural distance range after dabbling in 10ks for the sake of the next generation…

So, yesterday I completed the Charnwood Marathon. It was a cross country event and there were walkers doing it too (they left an hour before the runners). The route wasn’t marked and we just had written instructions to follow, which I found hard as I’m a slow reader at the best of times. They were pretty detailed: “cross the stile, follow the track with a wall on the left, through the brown gate, across to the far right corner of the field…” – it’s quite draining mentally to keep up the concentration to follow that for 26 miles! We also had orienteering-style cards that we had to clip at the checkpoints to show that we’d completed the whole route correctly. 
At least the terrain was mainly good, though my ankles feel a bit tender today after going over all the uneven surfaces. There were a gazillion stiles on the course, as well as some tough hills. The weather was all over the place, with wind, sun, wind, hail and wind. It took me just over 5 hours to finish.
I’ve attached a photo of me with my finishers certificate and badge.
… My next update will be mid week after the Paris Marathon, as we’re spending a few days enjoying the city there (it coincides nicely with the schools/colleges holiday).

Allez allez Anna! – Ed