Cannon Hill Meet-up

Scott Hassell and Steve Peters are planning a Birmingham parkrun meet-up. There has been talk of vegan chocolate cornflake/rice crispie treats cake. Let Scott know if you’re coming [email][/email]

‘Hi Everyone. Me and Steve Peters have arranged a little get together. We are planning to make a vegan gathering at Cannon Hill Park Run in Birmingham on Saturday 28th February. We are mainly trying to get vegans in the area to come along who are not runners to meet new people and maybe find a new love for the sport. Of course the more vegans running at these events in vegan tech tops too the better. We can spread our cause further. Also it’d be interesting to try a similar thing in other areas in the future.

So even if you don’t live in Birmingham we ask you to think about some Parkrun Tourism and come along. We will be providing a few treats and some water to those taking part. We have both come to YOU first before other groups so we can get a few people registered as going so others know it’ll be worth their while.’

(UK Vegan Runners facebook group event here.)