Burn-up at Burnham Beeches Half Marathon, 19/8/12

Your reporter Peter, made the trip by train & bike from Milton Keynes to Burnham Beeches, South Bucks, the cycle journey about 20 miles to support and hopefully bring home some photos of our runners Alex Portwine and Nik Windle who had a burning ambition to complete this year’s half marathon. Fortunately the course is mainly covered by trees, helping to avoid burn-out in most cases. With the temperature in the mid to high 20s depending on the time you finished plus the humidity, the conditions were difficult. Both Alex & Nik were well below their average times, Alex 1:52 and Nik 2.02.

Reliving Alex’s experience near the finish we somehow missed Nik crossing the line and it was only when Alex headed for the baggage area that we discovered Nik supporting the runners crossing the line. For a moment I thought Nik had finished well ahead of Alex but in fact had not been there long.

Alex at about 3 miles on 1st lap

A blurred view of Nik at about 3 miles just behind Alex

Alex looking rather cool at the finish

Well done the pair of Vegan Runners!

Returning to mile 3 when I first arrived, I decided not to risk attempting to cycle alongside the runners, instead follow the diversion signs for traffic and it seemed a long journey passing another event for horses so had to divert further away. Arrived at the school hosting the venue probably after Alex & Nik had started their 2nd lap but in time to see the winner.

Shortly after finishing the clouds began to roll in and it looked like rain was approaching if not a thunderstorm so, I did hang around in the Burnham Beeches, it would have been a pleasant end to re-visit what the area has to offer in terms of nature. A short ride to Beaconsfield for the train to Princes Risborough and weather conditions returned to sunshine and heat for the longer ride to Tring and via the venue for the Bearbrook 10K where I ran a week previously.