Bungay Black Dog marathon – Anna Finn

We hear from Anna Finn, who has been (surprise!) running a marathon… LOL… again.. She says…

hope you’re enjoying the sunshine!
I actually got a bit sunburnt today at the Bungay Marathon. I really like this event, though I can’t quite be sure why. It’s a two lap course with some hills, but nothing too long nor steep (it is in Suffolk after all). There are still some good views and there’s a great atmosphere, especially in the little villages we run through. I’d recommend it strongly to anyone trying to choose an April marathon (or half – some folk just do one lap). I wasn’t going for a time, planning to just enjoy a comfortable run. This seems to be my best strategy for long runs. My unofficial time was 4:03:24 (according to my iPod). The only downside was that I’d forgotten to pack my VRUK vest – it felt very odd not wearing it.

Anna was fourth senior lady, well done!