Bruce finishes 3rd in a tough Half Marathon, 16 September

Peter Simpson brings you a brief report of the Cransley  Hospice events from the village of Cranford St John near Kettering after the cycle trip from Milton Keynes. Setting off rather late at 8.30am, he arrived shortly after the 11am start but with a loop of the village before heading out into the countryside, he saw most of the runners of both the half marathon and a 2nd event over 10K. Having run the 10K himself two years earlier, he knew it was quite a tough exit from the village with plenty of climbing but an easy finish on a field in the centre of the village.

Running in the half marathon was Bruce Lovell, surprisingly his first event over this distance. Very committed to his training, there was no doubting his readiness for the distance. Given his recent success over 10K at Bedford, Moulton and Milton Keynes, it was not beyond all probability that Bruce may …. however he was being cautious by suggesting a time of around 1.19 – 1.22. From previous year’s events both distances have a high entry of charity runners. Also running for the VegCAC were Keith and Sharon Hammond, Keith enjoying recent success as a V50 alongside Bruce as a Senior/V35. Sharon was running in the 10K and was first home in just over the hour.

Waiting on the field for the first half marathon runner to finish, there were still a significant number of 10K runners finishing well after 1.10 so, the leading half  marathon runners were overtaking many 10K runners. Bruce was approaching the finish comfortably in third position in a time of 1.18.+, faster than anticipated. Keith finished in 1.27+ and again 1st V50. Congratulations to both Bruce and Keith.

Bruce approaching finish

The first 4 runners to finish, no. 643 wins, no. 739 is 4th

Bruce and Keith with their prizes

Keith and Bruce with race medals only

Bruce changing to VR kit

On tenterhooks prior to presentation!

Bruce receives his 3rd place prize

Bruce going up for his county champs medal