Bristol Half 2014

Bristol Half 2014

Well done to Vegan Runners completing the Bristol Half Marathon last weekend ūüôā

  • Dave Arnold¬† 1:29:51¬† 445th (of 8,000+)
  • Jenny McNamara¬† 1:30:27¬† 484th
  • Daniel Kirby¬† 1:42:03 PB¬† 1,648th
  • Jemma Saget¬† 1:51:36 PB¬† 3,099th
  • Catherine Hansford¬† 2:02:20¬† 4,761th
  • Carla Reeve¬† 2:03:24¬† 4,904th
Jemma Saget and Dave Arnold Bristol Half 2014

Jemma Saget and Dave Arnold at the Bristol Half

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