Brighton VR meet-up at Park Runs on Sats

Ed: Apologies to Dave & Rachel for not publicising this earlier although Dave did e-mail contacts on his mailing list. Before Dave departs to the other side of the Earth, they are attempting to bring together vegans in the area for the Saturday morning (9am start) 5K free run at Hove Park, organised by Park Run. In a message on the 4 August relating to the event on the 6th, Dave stated:


Shout out about Hove Park ParkRun. This Saturday, 9am (they have them EVERY Sat) Rachel White and I are definitely running with coffeeing after, nattering about vegan running in Brighton….in a jolly civilised setting!! If you can make it along, either to run, watch or just rock up in time for coffee (soya on the go ….but no cakes so maybe we take our own??) afterwards in the pavillion/cafe near the finish it would be great to see you.

IF you want to enter/have a go your options are…
1. Register online at …costs nothing, you’re entered for ever, no need ever register again, takes 5 mins ..and then you get a bar code!! (I so want to run mine across the scanner in a supermarket!!) and show up for the start at 9am. No need for numbers to be pinned on.
2. (As I did…though Peter probably won’t approve) . Just show up on start line and run round. Go as far or not as you like (1 small, 2 big laps), pull out at any time, dip out before the finish funnel…or go through finish funnel, take a token and appear in the results as ‘Unknown Runner’!!!
…So Simple …. so see you there. Spread the word.
Any questions…drop Dave Arnold (or Rachel White) a line.