Brighton Half Meet-up


VBites, all vegan cafe on East Street is the venue for the post-race meet-up (or during the race for spectators if it’s cold or wet outside!).

Once again they are allowing us, if we wish, to leave small kit bags overnight with them, ready for collection after the race. Handy if you want to have a change of clothes etc and don’t want to leave it all in the bag store provided by the race.

PRE-RACE meet-up on the Saturday ? A few people have asked if there is anything planned. Perhaps, if people wish, we can arrange a meet-up in town. There are numerous vegan and vegan-friendly places town, all in easy walking distance which ‘out-of-towners’ may like to visit. I imagine afternoon would be better than evening. And/or perhaps Friday evening?…. depending when people are arriving in Brighton. Please post your ideas / thoughts.

I’ll be marshaling at Hove Park Parkrun in the morning so if anyone wants to come along there you can at least get vegan hot drinks in the cafe there!! It’s not far from Brighton town centre.

Looking forward to a great turnout of vegans (and thoughts with the injured who’ll have to settle for shouting!)

Dave Arnold

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