Brighton Half Marathon, 19/2/12

Brighton Half Marathon, 19/2/12

A great turnout for the 2012 Brighton Half Marathon and apart from a westerly breeze, it was almost plain sailing for the Vegan Runners UK with sunshine all of the way but making photography difficult! It was only discovered later that the course was very long, apparently 13.5 miles or so, not 13.1 miles. Did someone move the goalposts or cones? Action photos from the course to follow later. With members traveling from Bristol/Bath area, the north of England, London & Kent, many were meeting for the first time. Some communicate regularly on Facebook but had never met up in reality.

Despite the added distance our runners did Vegan Runners UK proud. The role of honour reads:

  • Paul Loader, 1:24:32, 65th (approx time for half marathon 1:22:19 PB)
  • Dave Arnold, 1:31:42, (HM 1:29:41)
  • Martin Stacy, 1:37:34, 584th, (HM 1:33:46)
  • Christopher Shoebridge, 1:47:09, 1500th, (1:44:35, massive PB by 17 mins)
  • Daniel Kirby, 1:55:15, 2658th, (HM 1:52:29)
  • Stephen Edwards, 1:53:27, 2709th, (HM 1:50:44, 1st half & VRUK event)
  • Andrew Jackson, 1:59:40, 4337th, (HM 1:56:48)
  • Jonathan Wilkes, 2:10:23, 5332nd, (HM 2:07:15)

In the results, we do have Sophie Ashdown Coady listed but she had passed on her number due to last minute holiday arrangements. Dave Arnold was also running using another entrant’s name, catching up after his 4 months away from the UK.

Socialising at the finish, time soon passed and as we thought our way through the crowd reminiscent of the London Marathon finish, there wasn’t time to stop off at the Aloka cafe. We continued into town for the pre-arranged lunch options. The Iydea vegetarian kitchen was unfortunately almost full so we went across the Lane to the Wai Kika Moo Kau restaurant and there were plenty of seats available for 9 of us but not all together. With almost a full vegan menu it was hard to decide! Later for a drink & if any room left, a cake we kept to our promise by visiting the Iydea cafe.

Members & supporters from the Bristol & Bath area even traveled together and enjoyed a pre-event evening in the centre and a meal at the Aloka cafe.