Brentwood Half Marathon report

Peter Simpson says:
I only heard after the run through Andi Gaywood that Fiona has been in hospital with pneumonia and is presently recovering at home. Her partner, Martin is also suffering with the flu so the sanctuary is desperately in need of voluntary assistance. Andi has given some assistance.

Leading up to the event, news of participation was changing by the day. Dave Arnold suddenly became interested as he was visiting friends in the area and there was a flurry of e-mails. I then heard that Colin Braybrook may be required by his local club for a cross country event. Last Thursday evening I developed a head cold so thought unlikely to run but barring deterioration would still see the event and perform my photography role. By the day I felt confident that I could still run so joined the startline.

Given the large field it was not surprising that I did not see anyone especially as I arrived with less than 30 mins to go. The start was delayed by 20 mins due to the baggage queue. Having run a half marathon the previous weekend, I think my legs were still recovering. Calf muscles were still feeling sore but it did not slow me down. Had another steady run to finish in a chip time of 1.37.11 . Unfortunately I had forgotten to switch my phone on and missed Colin Braybrook’s message half an hour earlier. Colin had in fact ran in the VRUK vest for the first time in 1.24.04 . Made contact with Andi Gaywood who would finish later in 2.11.19 and we went for a refreshment to the local Caffe Nero. Looked out for new member Frances Humphries but we did not meet.

(Ed: the results show Frances finishing in 1:54:13. I’ve updated the results attached to the blog).