Breaking the top 100

We hear from Clare Coombes who has been braving the outdoors…
Hope that you are well and are surviving the cold blasts. I have just had a gloriously muddy cross country on Stafford Common. Managed to break the top 100, by coming 100th with a VERY slow 43.56 for the 8K from hell. [Congratulations! Ed] Loved every minute of it. Did think that hypothermia was on its way after standing around to cheer on my fellow club mates as they came in and I seem to have injured my foot!
[ouch! Ed]

I have been doing quite a few cross country races in the region, all in my first claim club vest. We completed the Notts County Champs at Berry Hill on 23rd Jan. I was 22nd with a time of 38.50, rumour has it this was also 8K!

I also did the final North Midlands league race at Wollaton Park on 16th January. I was 35th with a time of 27.29. I think this one was around 6K.

It is the re-scheduled Ropsley Raid next Sunday, so I am expecting more mud. I’m not sure the washing machine can cope.

Good luck Clare … mud’s all part of the fun