Birmingham Training Session, 27 November

Highest Attendance at Cannon Hill Park

October’s West Midlands Vegan Festival helped boost the attendance at our 5th training session in 2011, the 4th in Cannon Hill Park. There were seven of us on the day and many more were interested. After the early more showers it was bright and breezy. A craft fair in the community building ensured it was a busy area and gave us some extra publicity.

We started with a loop of the park, keeping together and onto the area south of the park for the main interval session. To help us keep together, the intervals were in pairs or out & back. Running parallel to the River Rea with a sports field on our right we ran at our fast pace to the other end and once the first runner reached the row of houses at the far end, we all stopped for a minute and ran back to the start point at speed. We repeated this three times or 6 intervals.

After a short break we jogged back to the park for a couple of out and back modest hill climbs followed by the longer interval down the other side to the northern end of the park. We then jogged back to the community building for a well earned refreshment in the cafe. Unfortunately with a change of staff in the kitchen, there was a lack of vegan knowledge, adding milk to the houmous and labelling the salad as vegan but adding honey. The serving staff seemed to take our comments on board so hopefully next time it will be better otherwise stick to the jacket potato & beans. Soya is available for hot drinks.

Peter Simpson
Training Session Leader