Birmingham Training Session, 13 May

Report from Peter on the club run from Cannon Hill Park:

On the day of the training session, Rachel suggested leading and taking us on a different route with other parks and green spaces not visited so far to give us an hour’s run. The recent rain turned short stretches into cross country and other trails, woods and hills gave Jasmijn some welcome training options for her trailblazer on 17 June in Cumbria. There were also other events going on with a leisurely 5K Carribean run in Cannon Hill Park and a sponsored walk for Birmingham Children’s Hosp in another park visited. Both events seemed to attract a lot of children. 
Thanks to Rachel for the interesting day that we shall repeat sometime. The MAC cafe unfortunately has changed its menu with not much on offer for vegans unless we ask. They did provide us with a tasty cous cous dish on request.

Left: Jasmijn, Peter & Rachel