Big turnout of Vegan Runners in Regent's Park – 5/10/08

Dave Arnold, our London group organiser managed to successfully motivate a significant turnout of 7 vegan runners & 5 supporters at this small event (1st of a monthly winter series) in Regents Park. Dave does not have internet access at home so has to quickly try and respond to your messages in limited time from a library or internet cafe (possibly even Pogo) in Hackney.

Dave writes:

“Had hoped to pen a little write up on last Sunday’s race and meet-up to enlighten those that didn’t make it this time. Basically 7 runners, 5 supporters (Anna had marathoned the day before !!), 6 if we include Olive the dog, and a good social afterwards. Matt Woodman stuck a VRUK vest at the front of the field finishing a great 9th place in 36:something whilst ‘first race for years’ Chloe rocked the women’s field with a 46 minute comfortable run. Andrew Taylor was our furthest ‘travel-in’ coming up from Leatherhead and we had a few unexpected, though most welcome, faces appear who’d heard of us through friends. Thanks to Yasmine for taking some great photos, which I’ll email out just as soon as I work out how to!
Martin’s got some too…come on, email them on! If anyone would care to elaborate of this briefest of write-ups please feel free to do so …sending to ‘reply to all’ should do the trick, and it would be nice to think of everyone communicating directly with each other (as opposed to just via me/Vanessa).”

Results can be found on

The setup of the results is rather unique. You need to click on the ‘Club’ column a few times to order it alphabetically in reverse so that you see Vegan Runners listed. Matt Woodman was in fact listed as Matt Wallman and finished in 9th, a performance we come to expect from Matt.

Peter Simpson