Bearbrook 10K (near Aylesbury) – 10/8/08

Hi Everyone,

As usual for me it was a part coach/bike journey from Milton Keynes and the fold-up to be precise. An 8-9 miles on the bike in two stages I thought would not
have much impact but I was wrong. It was only when I started the race
that I noticed my upper legs were feeling tired. Fortunately the course was
fairly flat in the first half so managed to hold on to my good start.
The wind was fairly strong and not in our favour early on but at least
it was cool.

I imagine there were a lot of minor complaints that within seconds of
being brought to the Start on the road from the rugby field we were off, giving
runners towards the rear no time to get into position. After we reached the centre of
Wendover at 5K and close to the steep slopes of the Chilterns we
turned left towards Halton and the RAF base. There followed a series
of rolling climbs until we turned left off this road and down into the
Vale of Aylesbury. The best part of the course everyone would agree
unless we are running into a westerly gale. From here we had 3-4K to
go, passing the airfield and RAF base if anyone noticed.

Entering the rugby field for a complete lap, my legs felt
tired again on the soft surface and did not manage my usual fast
finish. Was surprised to see the clock still under 42 minutes
considering how I felt around the course. Given that there was no chip
timing, the marshals were kept busy trying to keep the runners in
order as some sprinted across the line whilst others stopped
immediately after the line.

This event was also chosen by the Vegetarian Cycling & AC as one of their 120th Anniversary series. Given that it was closed to a significant number of its members, a turnout of 11 members in the yellow and green vest was very encouraging. I hope the VRUK members in the London region can also support our planned meet-up at the Rainforest Foundation 10K in Finsbury Park on 2 November.

Peter Simpson