Battle of Britain

Battle of Britain

Vegans were out midweek at the Battle of Britain 75 Challenge – one of the many popular Saxon, Viking and Norman events where vegans are properly looked after!

The event was run around the Samphire Hoe nature reserve and then along the sea wall in 3.85 mile out and backs, 7 laps conveniently making a slightly long marathon. Vegan Runners UK members running were:

  • Emine Ismail de Sanchez  30.8 miles  6:30:35
  • Alex Portwine  26.95 miles  4:36:56
  • Jonathan Ryan  26.95 miles  4:44:43
  • Liz Vassell  26.95 miles  5:14:42
  • Jonathan Wilkes  26.95 miles 5:37:04
Liz Vassell Battle of Britain

Liz Vassell at the Battle of Britain 75


Saxons, Vikings & Normans are known for offering some great medals


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