Crop of 10kms and Lost in the Woods

Crop of 10kms and Lost in the Woods

Well done Jenny McNamara who finished 5th lady in a very muddy Bath Skyline 10k last weekend!

Meanwhile Barry Wheller demonstrated that not all of us get slower with age, he reports:

‘Well the Southport Mad Dog was windy, very very windy, but delighted to run a faster 10k today than I did 9 years ago! 54 mins 19 seconds.’

Dave Arnold finished the Chichester Priory 10k in a healthy 40:28 190th of 1636 runners. Seen below with fellow vegan Matt Woodman (thanks for the photo Matt).

Even vegans need a warm jersey sometimes!

Even vegans need a warm jersey sometimes!

Nik Windle bit off more than he could chew at the TVOC Chiltern Challenge orienteering meet at Nettlebed:

‘Sundays orienteering experience at Nettlebed was an eye-opener for me. Having done a ‘Green’ course without problem last time I was reckoning on more of the same – think I should have looked a bit closer at the small print and realised that ‘very difficult’ might not be the same as ‘quite difficult’.

Anyway I totally failed to make proper use of the map and managed to ‘run’ more than 5 miles for a nominal 5km and took 1hr 25m placing me 58th of 58 finishers – just 7 minutes behind a 75 year old chap. Being as I didn’t know I was so crap till the results came out I actually rather enjoyed the challenge though was totally knackered afterwards. I shall return!

Funniest thing was that 2 other competitors approached *me* during the event to ask if I could show them where they were on the map which I’m sure is cheating but I tried to help. I must have been running in totally the wrong direction with a look of confidence on my face or something :)’

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