Bath Half Marathon, 11 March

Left: Matthew Edwards, Daniel Kirby, Stephen Edwards & Jess Elliot

Ed: Matthew & Tara Edwards were signed up by Stephen & Jess in the lead up to the Bath half marathon which was arranged as a family meet-up. They kept the meet-up going during the event by running together. Jess wrote the following brief report:

Matt, Stephen and myself certainly enjoyed the event, which included a brief interview in BBC Radio Bristol at the finish line thanks to our matching ‘Vegan Runners’ tops! We got a lot of support all the way round, I think due to the fact we were so distinctive running as a group in the kit, which was very encouraging.

It was a very warm day (warm enough for my shoulders to be sunburnt!) and a decent course. Hopefully we raised some awareness for VRUK, if not for being vegan in general. We saw Dan before and after and he seemed very pleased with his time, and I’m hoping to start some long distance training with him soon.

Ed: Meanwhile Daniel Kirby was racing ahead to a personal best time of 1.47.29 and is looking forward to the Reading Half on 1 April. On the downside, Claire was unable to run due to an injury sustained falling over her dog a month ago.