Bank Holiday weekend roundup #1: Belfast, Chalgrove, Glastonbury, Whitstable…

Expecting a crop of Milton Keynes marathon reports, but people have

been out racing elsewhere too!

Eugene Nyunt finished the Belfast Marathon in 3.47 his third this

year, a lot better than his earlier Barcelona event, and only 3 weeks

after Vienna Marathon (14 April) in 4.03.

Nik Windle says: Very enjoyable Chalgrove 10k this afternoon despite

the heat. I remembered the suncream and took it nice and easy as I do

nowadays. Enjoyed a squirt from the kids water pistols on route, we

were keeping them busy. Come the small hill at 7k runners were wilting

all around while I just plodded on grinning away with a certain Simon

and Garfunkel ear-worm in my head that I hope didn’t leak out my

mouth….Position? Time? What’s all that about then!

Jenny ‘Dunleavy’ McNamara says:

Got a pb of 45.19 in the Glastonbury 10k despite running a hilly 7

miles the day before with my friend from the cheddar runners!

Whitstable 10k saw Christopher Caps and Keith Gilbert sally forth.

Christopher said: Bloody horrible! 46:31 was my chip time. Clearly

taken a too laid back, too much booze approach since Brighton. Went

off too fast and suffered severely from the heat. Even ended up

walking on the 8th K! Thought I was going to faint. Worst race in

ages. Going to ease off the drink and get a bit more focussed on the

running. Tough day but still a lovely course.

Keith Gilbert adds: Yes it was surprisingly warm. Need to adjust to

this, after so many snowy, hypothermic runs this year. I was 7 minutes

slower on my course pb, which I got last year.

Well done all… !