Announcing the Allocation of London Marathon Places

The VRUK London Marathon Selection Committee is pleased to announce after around 2 months of voting, the winners of the three places (the 1st place was allocated in the previous 2nd round):

1st club place – Cedric David
2nd club place – Paul Snell
3rd club place – Claire Fullbrook-Scanlon

The 2ndand 3rd places were allocated in the 3rd round following a tie on 28 votes between Paul Snell and Claire Fullbrook-Scanlon, the 3rd place being reserved if necessary for a female member.

A reminder that the winning members are still required to pay their entry fee.

If you are interested in running the London Marathon in 2014 on behalf of VRUK, it is advised that you first apply through the Virgin London Marathon ballot. Check the  VLM website occasionally for details, especially at the time of the 2013 event on 21 April. It is also advised that you have paid for your VRUK membership renewal where it is due including England Athletics registration for 2013/2014. The club will be inviting renewals in January and reminded in March. Some new members will only need to pay their England Athletics registration of £10, increased from £5 by EA.

Peter Simpson
Committee Secretary