Anna's marathon roundup: inc. Ridgeway 85

What has Anna been up to?

Well… the 5-4-3-2-1 trail marathon (Salisbury) – read her account here – for one. (Such is her fame or infamy that a friend of mine who knew her from last year’s Ridgeway 85 was dead chuffed to have finished ahead of her for this event! :D).
The Herts Stroller – an LDWA 54 miler – which she talks about here.
And she got a shiny 3rd Lady in the Nottingham Ultra 50k (see her account here) despite getting lost and running an extra mile (oddly enough I hear the 3rd man got lost too!).
And yesterday she did the Ridgeway 85 (note: actually 87 miles!) in 18h49 – more than 2hours quicker than last year!
Here she is at check point 7 (sixty-odd miles in…) – no blisters this time it seems! A nice cup of coffee with soya milk in hand.
Unfortunately John Bateson had to retire from the race – he said that he was doing well until he, er, wasn’t. Your editor (with her Abingdon Amblers hat on) was hoping to see him at the checkpoint, and when I heard he’d had to leave the race I was foolish enough to eat some of the vegan sandwiches I made for him & Anna (who had gone on by that point). Which is a bad idea for anyone who knows that bread, however tasty, upsets their stomach… serves me right!