Anna "two marathons" Finn heads south for the weekend…

Anna Finn was running marathons again last weekend. Yes, that is marathons, plural…!

I’ve just had a top weekend. On Saturday I did the South Downs Way Marathon – it was one of those I’d heard was good but never got round to doing before. It’s a hilly but pretty trail run. As a bonus I found myself being cheered (by name) at one of the checkpoints by some unfamiliar faces – it turned out they were from Animal Aid, who’d put a team in the relay. They recognised me from my pictures after the sponsored events I did earlier this year. At the end they invited me to join their vegan picnic including champagne! [Nice! – Ed] A great post-run treat.

I then headed down to stay in Weymouth, close to the Portland start of the Chesil Coastal Challenge. This was a really well organised marathon along the Jurassic coast. The views from the hilltops near the turnaround point were stunning. It was hot and I got yet more freckles, but was surprised at how comfortable I felt. The light breeze probably helped. At the finish there was a great spread of food, plus a free swim – most welcome! As it was such a small event, I think I came 4th (female).

My times on both days were pretty slow, but very consistent, at 4:42:20 and 4:41:44 respectively. That’s just 36 seconds between them!

and she adds…
I think I’m not running any events now till the end of the month…

[…. – Ed]