Anna completes target of 10 marathons ahead of schedule

Earlier in the year Animal Aid contacted VRUK to see if we had a fundraising opportunity and by chance Anna Finn was about to start her schedule so we passed on the details. In a matter of days a sponsorship deal had been agreed and Anna was featured on Animal Aid’s homepage. At the finish of each event a photo was taken and added to the website. Visit

As Shakespeare was my tenth this year, it marked the end of the ’10 Marathons in 5 Months’ challenge I was doing to raise funds for Animal Aid. In my keenness I seem to have finished over a month early!

Anyway, since it was you [Club Sec] that got the whole thing in motion, I thought you’d be pleased to hear that apparently the sponsorship has totaled over £15 000, which is a record amount raised for a sponsored event for Animal Aid. I’m pleased with that, especially amid all the gloomy news of the current economic climate.

Thanks again for suggesting me to Animal Aid – it seems to have been very worthwhile and I really enjoyed the challenge.