A Day in the Marathon des Sables – Fiona Oakes

Fiona Oakes reports from the Sahara Desert on Facebook:

“The last 36 hours have quite possibly been the very worst of my life. They call this the toughest foot race in the world and that it will take you to very dark places. They are not wrong. Percy and I have been to hell and we are not back yet! We set off running with our poorly legs, blisters, broken toes at 9 yesterday and finished at 10 today. One of the guys we were with fell ill and we had to stop for a few hours at a checkpoint. It was like a war zone, pitch black, sand blowing in the tent from every side, broken and bleeding bodies everywhere. It was 10 pm and we had just battled 36 miles over the most ferocious terrain the desert has to offer in some of the hottest conditions. We set off again at 2.30 am over dunes so big you couldn’t see your way, even without the sandstorms. Then running on stones through dried up river beds. Percy and i battled on for the animals and he is on the webcam to prove it. Tomorrow is a full Marathon and we both want to cry. Thank for support!”
 To follow progress visit Marathon des Sables