2012 London Marathon Report

2012 London Marathon Report
Report from Peter Simpson
Runners entering the restricted area at 9am.
Standing on the announcement platform and looking towards the
rear of the Blue Start
Looking towards the front of the queue at the Blue Start.
Down at ground level, thumbs up from vegan runner Sid Molyneux
(in yellow bin bag), a former member of the VC and AC
who joined in 1993 and has run London on numerous occasions.
The leaders at mile 11 in Rotherhithe.
Some of the elite Europeans / Club Runners
The good club runners coming through…
Now the masses and charity runners…
Paul Loader putting a brave face on it after a
disappointing performance due to the
house fire a week prior to the event.
Peter Simpson, attracting interest at the start, on the
course and at the meeting point.
Chris Taylor-Reed ran in ‘barefeet’ shoes and
felt quite comfortable apart from the last miles.
Sandra Hopkins from Portsmouth ran for VRUK
and broke the 4 hours
Barry Orr, all the way from West Wales to support our runners.
The support team: Barry, Peter, oversea visitors and
vegan runners (Laurene and friend), Vanessa and Dave.
Also still supporting on the course were Andrew Knight
and Jasmijn de Boo.
I understand from the results there were 11 members running of whom 6 were entered for VRUK and 4 were wearing our club vest. Congratulations to Ulrike Lemke who was first across the line in 3:14:14 after traveling over from Germany for the race. Unfortunately Ulrike left it too late to purchase a club crop top. Regarding Paul Loader, many members will have known that his household experienced a fire a week before and was obviously smoke-logged. It appears that the smoke inhalation affected his performance, anticipating a time of around 3 hours, Paul stated that he struggled throughout and was disappointed with the time of 3:37:35. Meanwhile Kevin Jones’ 3:14:51 was a personal best by just under a minute, well done Kevin.
I did not manage to see many members at the start otherwise at mile 11 (not 9 as stated) at Rotherhithe, holding a veggie / vegan banner managed to see: Kevin Jones, John Bennett, Verna Burgess and Rachel Xerri. The banner attracted the attention of runners and again there appeared to be a lot of support from runners who either waved and/or gave their vocal support, some actually mentioned they were vegan or veggie. Managing this year to take up early position at mile 11, took photos of the leaders otherwise too difficult to catch our runners once it became crowded. After approaching two hours headed for the finish area and did not arrive until 1.15pm so hopefully did not miss any members waiting at our meeting point in Horse Guards Road at tree ‘NO’.
The weather had been sunny up until later in the afternoon when the rain finally came for runners who had been on the course for about 6 hours. Runners visiting the meeting point you will see from the photos later included: Paul Loader, Chris Taylor-Reed, Sandra Hopkins, a VC&AC member Brynjar Agnarsson (from London) otherwise many of our non-runners including: Dave Arnold, Barry Orr, Alison Taylor-Reed, Vanessa Hudson, Andrew Knight, Jasmijn de Boo and two overseas contacts Laurene Martin from Lyon & friend from Switzerland who were visiting London, also purchased club kit. The rain hastened our departure plus the thoughts of a meal at the Tao Chinese Vegan Buffet. Had we stayed longer we would likely have seen Rachel.
Confirmation of the results:
Ulrike Lemke 3:14:14, 210th female
Kevin Jones 3:14:51, 356th M45
Paul Loader 3:37:35, 2403th MS
John Bennett 3:49:48, 3409th MS
Verna Burgess 3:55:56, 241st F45
Sandra Hopkins 3:56:49, 249th F45
Anna Finn 4:14:28, 1947th FS
Luisa Rabanal 4:14:38, 1956th FS
Chris Taylor-Reed 4:24:46, 1858th M45
Rachel Xerri 5:39:2, 6146th FS