1st Market Harborough Meet-up, 2 March

Peter Reports on Vegan Runners in South-East Midlands
Five VRUK members met in Market Harborough for a low-key 7.5K training session. Good conditions if cold at the start. It soon warmed up and we removed top layers to reveal our vegan runners kit. Thanks to Yasmin In for inviting us to meet at her home. Other members present: Heather Brunskell-Evans, Phillippa Bennett, Linda Faulkner and Peter Simpson. The next local meet-up has already been arranged between Yasmin, Heather and Phillippa for Tuesday, 12 March at 5.30pm. Afterwards Peter & Linda checked out the town centre for vegan eating out but the conclusion here was rather disappointing.
Left: Yasmin, Phillippa, Heather and Linda