01 Mar

Brighton Half Marathon and Brighton VegFest

It was a great weekend for Vegan Runners at Sunday’s Brighton Half Marathon. Unfortunately you can’t search the results by club so here are a few of the results (sorry if you are missed, but post your results to our results page)

Barry Pearson (First ever half) 1:24:05

Chris Stevenson 1:26:28 (PB)

Mike Harper  1:27

John Marchant 1:38:14 (PB)

Mike McBeth 1:38:23

Liam Rooney 1:42:54

Nazia Islam 1:47:14 (PB)

Stephi Musgrove 1:50:16 (First ever half)

Caroline Betsworth 2:13:49

Jo Conlon 2:17:52 (Pictured below)

half marathon

To finish off the weekend the Vegan Runners stall at the Brighton VegFest smashed all previous stall takings records by the end of the first day.


Vegan Runners are flying!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Brighton Half Marathon and Brighton VegFest

  1. It’s a really great read Liam…and I’m sure it’ll encourage many more members to come down to Brighton Half in 2017. Congratulations of a great time in your first Half!!! Dave Arnold/…

  2. Awesome I’m included in this thanks! It was also a first half marathon and PB for me too, great race. I wrote a little about my experience on my page here, feel free to have a little read 🙂

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